Teng List

The USSA employs a Teng ranking classification, which is inverse of the traditional Black Belt ranking system.  9th Teng = 1st Degree Black Belt.

Name Teng – Rank Black Belt Rank Location
Weng, Chi-Hsiu 1st 9th Cupertino, CA
Mollica, Matt 3rd 7th Columbus, OH
Miller, Mark 3rd 7th Taipei, Taiwan
Weng, Jan-Yu 3rd 7th Santa Clara, CA
Li, Wing-Kay 5th 5th Da Saude-Sao Paulo, Brazil
Grigsby, Mike 5th 5th Columbus, OH
Ervin, John 5th 5th Cleveland, OH
Weng, She-Peng 5th 5th Daly City, CA
Knight, Alexander 6th 4th Bellingham, WA
Belfiore, Gino 7th 3rd Cleveland, OH
Cliff, Daniel 7th 3rd Cleveland, OH
Corbett, Matthew 7th 3rd Cleveland, OH
Masi, Nicholas 7th 3rd Herndon, VA (Washington, D.C.)
Wong, Mark J. 7th 3rd Oakland, CA
Weng, She-Peng 7th 3rd Daly City, CA
Chen, Emeric 7th 3rd San Jose, CA
Lomotan, Michael 7th 3rd San Diego, CA
Lin, Charles 8th 2nd Irvine, CA
Costanzo, Natale 8th 2nd Yorktown Heights, NY
Ervin, Alva 8th 2nd Cleveland, OH
Lomotan, Michael 8th 2nd San Diego, CA
Schumaker, Ryan 8th 2nd Columbus, OH
Wong, Aaron 8th 2nd Seattle, WA
Wong, Leo 8th 2nd New York, NY
Wong, Rick 8th 2nd Boston, MA
Axelrod, Seth 9th 1st Herndon, VA (Washington, D.C.)
Bacon, Wesley 9th 1st Cleveland, OH
Brown, Katie 9th 1st Bellingham, WA
Chen, Robert 9th 1st Saratoga, CA
Furey, Matt 9th 1st Tampa Bay, FL
Gencope, Tom 9th 1st Cleveland, OH
Judelman, Keith 9th 1st Seattle, WA
Lee, Alan W.K. 9th 1st Seattle, WA
Liu, Fong 9th 1st San Francisco, CA
Martin, Matt 9th 1st Columbus, OH
Roman, Christina 9th 1st Cupertino, CA
Singleton, Clayton 9th 1st Macon, GA
Suarez, Carlos 9th 1st Boca Raton, FL
Tan, Justin 9th 1st San Diego, CA
Ting, Chi-hwa 9th 1st Taipei, Taiwan
Van Doren, James 9th 1st Cleveland, OH
Williams, Krista 9th 1st Cleveland, OH
Wong, Trevor 9th 1st Saratoga, CA