Branches and Affiliates

The United States Shuai-chiao Association is a non-profit 501(c) California corporation created for the promotion of Shuai-chiao as passed down from Grandmaster Ch’ang Tung-sheng.

For further information about any of our branches, sub-branches and affiliates, you can contact us at:

United States Shuai-chiao Association
P.O. Box 1221
Cupertino, Ca 95015-1221
Primary Contact:
(408) 554-6595

Branch holder (BH) – Schools in good standing USSA membership that have Black belt instructors recognized for teaching the curriculum that is consistent nationally within the USSA. Branch holders can test students for Shuai-chiao ranking according to the national standards and bylaws of the USSA.

Sub-branch (SB) – Schools in good standing USSA membership that are being mentored and supported by a Branch holder school. These schools test for USSA ranking with the branch holder school’s support.

Affiliate (A) – Schools recognized and supported by the USSA as school that provides a Shuai-chiao program of respectful quality. Affiliate schools often times will teach USSA curriculum but are not authorized to test for USSA ranking, but may bring in branch holders to test for them. The school owner of the affiliate school is an individual member of the USSA, may still contain a certified Black belt instructor promoted by the USSA but not be current in their membership to be a sub-branch or branch holder.

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