About Us

The United States Shuai-chiao Association is one of the largest and most active Shuai-chiao organizations outisde of China.

The USSA is a leader in international and national competitions, as well as promotions and instruction of Shuai-chiao in the United States.

The United States Shuai-chiao Organization is a non-profit group (501)c dedicated to expanding the martial art and sport of Shuai-chiao (Shuaijiao) within the United States and in partership with international affiliates.

Under the guidance of Dr. Chi-hsiu D. Weng, the Board of Directors, and the organization officers, the USSA promotes Shuai-chiao on multiple levels.

Traditional Training
Basic Training Methods, Promotions, Stances, Stretches, Falls, Forms, Throws, Tournaments, and Traditional Combat Theory.

Self Defense
Teaching the deadly aspects and uses of the Art for the street. Commonly referred to as Black Hand or Hei-shou.

Using Shuai-chiao, kicking, and boxing to fight in the full contact, free-fighting arena.

The United States Shuai-chiao Association is open to select martial arts practitioners who demonstrate superb moral conduct and etiquette. Those who are admitted as members are entitled to updates and news events, as well as invitations to various USSA events.