United States Shuai-chiao Association

dedicated to preserving the art of Shuai-chiao as passed down by Grandmaster Ch'ang, Tung-sheng


West Coast

Cupertino Kung-fu Club (Branch Holder)

Co-sponsored by the City of Cupertino

Monta Vista Park Cupertino Community Center

Head coach: Jan-Yu Weng

Primary Contact: Email: Jyweng@aol.com

(408) 554-6595

website: www.cupertinokungfu.org


San Francisco Shuai-chiao Club at Bay Area Sambo

Coach:  Charles Lin

1586 Market St

San Francisco, CA

mobile:  (408) 605-5718

email: charles.c.t.lin@gmail.com


San Jose State Shuai-chiao Club

President:  Trevor Wong , Coach: Emeric Chen

1586 Market St

San Francisco, CA

mobile:  (408) 805-0168

email: tgwong12@gmail.com


Guan Da He Shuaijiao School (SB)

Head coach: Guan Da He

9156 Las Tunas Dr.

Temple City, CA 91780

Primary Contact: Email: beijingshuaijiao@hotmail.com

Phone: (626) 716-8777 (Mandarin Chinese) or (626) 821-1949 (English / Cantonese)

website: www.beijingshuaijiao.com


Knight's Martial Arts (Branch holder)

1417 Cornwall Ave. #101

Bellingham, WA 98225

E-mail: sifu@knightsmartialarts.net

Website: www.knightsmartialarts.net


Ancient Arts Kung Fu

School Instructor – Barnaby Hazen

1027 Salazar Rd. #B (Enchanted Plaza)

Taos, NM 87571

Email: barnabyhazen@yahoo.com

Phone: (575) 770-4961