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dedicated to preserving the art of Shuai-chiao as passed down by Grandmaster Ch'ang, Tung-sheng


Shuaijiao (Shuai-chiao)


Modern Shuaijiao (also spelled Shuai-chiao) is the culmination of the ancient, crude, practical and effective combat grappling method of the battlefield - that has evolved into a sophisticated and efficient no non-sense approach to combat.


Its training method of using punches, kicks and joint-locks in the context of throwing can conform to all martial arts styles. Its philosophy share the same principle of Tai-chi Yin and Yang, the traditional cosmic law of China.


Shuai-chiao's techniques are the culmination of tested grappling experience in the best environment - the battlefield. Today, it is still a part of military and police training as well as a national sport in China and Taiwan.


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United States Shuai-chiao Association

Cha'ng, Tung-sheng was born in 1908, the lunar year of the monkey, in the Hopei province of China. His martial arts training began when he was a young boy, and by the time he was in his late teens, he was already widely acclaimed as a master. The nickname of "Flying Butterfly"...




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2016 TCAAT West Coast Shuaijiao Tournament of the San Francisco Bay Area


Saturday, July 30th 2016: 9-6

Sunday, July 31th Shuaijiao Seminars:  10-12, 2-4

San Jose State University


For more information, contact emeric.chen@gmail.com


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